Flight from Chennai to Denver

Meet the city hopping tennis player

Ace athlete Rajeev Ram is an American professional tennis player who was born and raised in the city of Denver. His parental house is however in Chennai and both his parents are Indians. This player often takes a flight from Denver to Chennai to visit his family. He won many international trophies including an Olympic silver medal teaming with Venus Williams and another silver at the Rio Olympic in 2016. Ram reached the final stage of US Open with Coco Vandeweghe in 2016. He won two ATP single titles, in 2009 and 2015. His first ever ATP doubles title was in Chennai in 2009, a city that proved to be lucky for him. He even teamed up with another famous tennis player Rohan Bopanna (who is also from Chennai) in 2013 and won several matches. With 12 ATP doubles titles in his kitty, his all-time highest ranking is world no. 56 which he achieved in 2016. He also reached World No.11 spot in doubles in March 2017 after winning his first ever ‘Masters 1000 tournament.’

Tekla Software used at airports

Both Denver International Airport and Chennai International Airport are designed with Tekla Structures. Tekla is a building information software which helps to model structures that include different types of materials used for building, like steel and concrete. The software lets structural engineers, designers and drafting technicians model a building using 3D animation, 2D drawings and other necessary building information. Interestingly both Denver and Chennai airports were constructed with this software. There are no other airports in the world which are fully designed by this technique, except the midfield terminal of Abu Dhabi Airport. Anyone who takes a flight from Denver to Chennai, will have noticed this similarity.

Sister city connect

Sister cities have a partnership to deepen their economic and cultural links so that people of both locations get in touch, mostly across national borders. After World War II it has also become a political tool to foster peace among countries. Denver and Chennai became twin cities in 1984 and share similarities, business relations and communications. Sister city committee members hold Gandhi Memorial Lecture in Denver every October, coinciding with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Other lectures, book discussions and book readings about India are held at schools, churches, and other community organizations as part of the City in a Suitcase program. The committee sponsors cultural events at Indian restaurants, as well as shows of Indian music, dance and film. It is planning to develop a youth exchange program with Indo-American Association, its counterpart organization in Chennai.
Indian students are often sponsored for higher studies at the University of Denver. Frequently, delegations take a flight from Denver to Chennai to attend special events and experience the culture of their sister city. Following an earthquake in the seabed of the Indonesian coast, Chennai was struck by a devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004. With thousands of people lost, and homes destroyed, the Chennai committee and Denver Sister Cities International raised $70,000 for short term relief and later donated significant amounts to support a non–profit social service program in building a clinic and school.